Ap or online note organization software vs. Evernote

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Ap or online note organization software vs. Evernote

Post by wen » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:53 am


Does anyone have a better note-organization programs than Evernote? They've removed features trying to get people to upgrade, and my Evernote files are a bit hard to manage at this point.

I'm on a Mac and want something simple where I can tag, label, or color-code items and then search for them, and include images and possibly even PDFs.

Workflowy seems the closest, but requires some fiddling to get image access. But I really like how you can collapse or expand the bullet points and see quickly what you have.

Also looked at:

Schema - Can add images or PDFs, but so far I don't find a Search feature.

Dynalist - similar to Workflowy and Schema but I don't see a way to include images.

Google Keep - seems too stripped down for my purposes.

I should look at Trello.


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