Beats the Hell Out of Me

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Beats the Hell Out of Me

Post by SpecialGuestVillain » Wed Dec 16, 2020 2:14 pm ... -out-of-me

soundcloud deleted this because it was an indie cut. :(

Beats the Hell Out of Me ©2006 Stuart Rosh/Robert George BMI

My father used to beat me

If I raised a little Cain
He’d say the burn of his belt
Would beat eternal fame

Now sometimes I’m still sleepless
Sweat soaks my pillows and sheets
And I feel that chill,
Cos in my dreams he still
Beats the hell out of me

When I gave him report cards
I knew I was damned
He handed them back
With the back of his hand

So at fifteen I hit the bottle
It had back as hard as could be
Even now I pray,
When the mem’ry of those days
Beats the hell out of me

Tomorrow’s what we make it
We all have our private hells
And when some people can’t take it
They take it out on someone else

I forgive my father
His dad beat him, too
But as for my own children
The pain ain’t passin’ on through

They may raise a little Cain
Just tryin’ to be free
But how a whippin’ at night,
Teaches wrong from right
Beats the hell out of me

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