My 1st Library Submission

Did you get a deal through TAXI? Lets hear about it!

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Re: My 1st Library Submission

Post by davewalton » Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:54 pm

Quote:Hey guys, just a follow up on my submission.I sent in what they asked for, and they sent me an email and requsted more!They are pitching soon to music supervisors, so let's hope they like it!YaY!!JayHey Jay,That's great news. The art of doing business is sometimes more difficult than the art of doing music. They made it a little easier by asking for more stuff.It sounds like you're starting to develop a good relationship with these people. That'll go a long way there and also you'll feel a LOT more comfortable the next time around, with your next library, publisher, or direct client.A really good story. Dave

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