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Post by toolowd » Thu May 11, 2006 7:08 pm

Quote:Any update Dan???Ed, Thanks for asking. I haven't perused the message boards for a while and just noticed your question so sorry for the delay. After carefully going through the contract my songwriting partner and I decided it was not for us. We didn't even go as far as having an entertainment lawyer look at it because it just didn't feel right. It appeared legitimate enough, had a two year reversion clause, but the reversion is if they don't create a commercial recording within two years. Our fear was that they Would make a crappy commercial recording, not land it anywhere (they were looking for overseas radio airplay), and then just keep it in their library forever and I would never have publishing rights again. I would be fine if that were a larger publisher with more contacts but this seemed like a longshot. More important than the contract was that based on feedback of many professionals there were some things that clearly needed fixing in the song. Even though it hurts because we've already spent money and time...and more time to get a demo produced, we are just going to bite the bullet, and fix everything until it is absolutely perfect and redo the demo. At that point we'll be more aggressive about our marketing and get the attention of larger publishers. Thanks again for checking in. I had intentions to post an update some time ago but hadn't gotten around to it so I appreciate the reminder. -Dan

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