clones not talent

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Re: clones not talent

Post by hummingbird » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:34 am

The one simple fact that I didn't realize fully when I joined Taxi, is that they do NOT work for ME. Yes, they do provide me services - critiques, an avenue to submit music to the industry, and a (terrific) Road Rally. But when it comes to the business of placing music with those seeking it - Taxi *always* works for the LISTEE and always, always, always, screens music *exactly* as instructed by the Listee. Them's the facts. We can cry in our beer that the music industry is too homogenized and that the hit machine isn't fair - but that won't change a thing. Taxi acts as A&R reps for the industry... but they go one better, cause they actually listen to the whole thing and (unless the listing says otherwise) give you some idea of why they felt your submission didn't work for that listing.If you join Taxi, join knowing it may well be a sobering experience to learn that the definition of "commercial" does not come from you, the songwriter. If you join Taxi, know that your great and well-produced song is competing with other great and well-produced songs submitted to the same listing... and might not make the cut. Know that, even if you get a forward, there is no guarantee you will get a deal. No one forces anyone to join Taxi. Taxi is just one way songwriters can access the market. If you don't like Taxi's way of doing things, there are many other tip sheets out there, Songwriter's Market, doing your own research for leads, etc etc. - and the folks at Taxi offer a guarantee and also brave enough to allow full discussion of their business practices on this public forum for all to see, if songwriters do their research & take the time to read about it.As full-time artist, I personally struggle financially to pay my Taxi membership & submission fees (never mind producing demos), but I consider it to be a worthwhile investment in my career.
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