Mac Home Studio pics

Tell us about your studio and post some photos no matter how modest or robust it is!

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Mac Home Studio pics

Post by thespiralsequence » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:20 am

Hi everyone,

I'm a TAXI member and record and mix everything in my home studio, using a MacPro 6,1 with a second MacPro 3,1 slaved to the first using VE Pro 7.

I've also written an e-book called Music On A Mac, a beginner's guide to setting up a Mac based home studio. I'm wondering if anyone here would like a picture of their Mac based studio posted on the @music.on.a.mac Instagram account? I'm only interested in Mac based studios, just to show people the wide range of configurations you can use to record and mix music. In the e-book I explain the various options for Mac models and other gear, based on the type of projects the reader wants to work on. For example, if you record just your voice and an acoustic guitar, you don't need a supercharged iMac Pro, but if you are working with large sample libraries and lot of virtual instruments and plugins your requirements will be quite different.

If anyone is interested post your pic as a reply to this topic and any details you'd like to add and I'd be happy to share it on the Music On A Mac Instagram account and Facebook page. If you have an Instagram account and/or Facebook page for your music be sure to supply your user name so I can tag and link to your accounts too!

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