Cuban instrumentals

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Cuban instrumentals

Post by tresero » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:38 pm

I'm back :)

Since I know a thing or two about Cuban music, I figure I'd submit. My only issue on this is, they want "authentic". Last time I submitted authentic (for a dispatch listing), I was told not authentic enough and instrumentation (I live and record in Cuba and used "traditional" instruments, Cuban tres, bongo, marimbula). Anyway, I get it's only one reviewer, but I hate to waste money if there really is something wrong.

These two tracks are recorded by the bass player and piano player of Afro Cuban All Stars, as well as myself, so if I get the not Cuban this time, I will realize, they don't really want Cuban :)

The first track is a timba, and these are rough mixes. I used the traditional section breakdowns and tried to apply them in an instrumental. Cuban music is repetitive, and danceable. I hope this is what is needed. I'll still add some guitar doubles of the bones.

The second is a more "mainstream" salsa tune and I realize that maybe simple is better. Just letting the piano carry the main part of the tune with some tres in the back. I realize the bass is low, it's a mockup and will be replaced when finished tomorrow. Other comments accepted!

Thanks as always.

A RANGE OF CUBAN INSTRUMENTALS and/or INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a hard-working Music Library with a very long list of killer placements in Hit TV Shows!

Quoting the Music Library Owner: “I'm looking to add a bunch of International Albums to my catalog. I know that TAXI has members from all around the globe, and this would be a great way to tap into that. I bet we could find some really great, authentic stuff! I’m looking to work with TAXI members far and wide that are phenomenally talented at creating music that’s indigenous to their homeland and culture!”

IMPORTANT: You don't need to actually be from (or live in) Cuba to submit for this, but AUTHENTICITY is key, so your music should at least sound like you live there. :-)

Cuban Instrumental Music Salsa (Starting from 0:00 -2:55)

“Amor Verdadero” by Afro Cuban All-Stars

“Tumbao” by Rubén González

Although some of the references have vocals, please submit Instrumentals and/or Instrumental Cues only for this pitch.

Please submit well-composed, authentic-sounding Cuban Style Instrumentals (and/or Instrumental Cues) using instruments and arrangements commonly found in the genre. Your submissions can be built on a variety of "Cuban" Styles like (but not limited to) Afro-Cuban Jazz, Bakosó, Bolero, Canción, Conga, Mambo, Rumba, Timba, Trova, etc.

TAXI Tip: Your instruments should sound as authentic and organic as possible – nothing synthetic or overtly MIDI-driven, please. If you’re using samples or virtual instruments, expert use of dynamics and expression will help your music stand out from the crowd.

Your submissions should be at least 2 minutes in length, a little bit longer is fine. Non-Faded, Buttoned/Stinger endings will work best for this request. Broadcast Quality is needed.

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