Playing live music in real time

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Playing live music in real time

Post by pveniot » Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:57 am

Hi all,
Since playing music with friends is kind of dicey in these Covid-19 days,
I am trying to make up a collaboration team that can play in real time.

Anybody here knows about Jack Trip?
Here's a link:

Requirements are quite generic for anyone that uses internet broadband...
1-No WIFI nor G4 or G5, just cat5 ethernet connection

here's a link that explains better: ... 3mCYo/edit

Anyone up to this?

My main instruments skills are Woodwinds, keyboards, small percussions and a bit of guitar!

You can hear some of my stuff here:

Still learning about it, but with time and patience I think we as TAXI members can do help creating a new trend.
Even if you are not a TAXI member, if you are up to this, get in the thread.

Ok, hope to hear from you.

Stay safe now

:D Music is the Esperanto of the world. (Duke Ellington)

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