Too Hot for Hee Haw demo

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Too Hot for Hee Haw demo

Post by SpecialGuestVillain » Tue Aug 18, 2020 6:17 pm ... or-hee-haw

Bo Allen, Jeff Elliott, Robert George, Mike Morgan

Girl you can’t help it the way you look
When it comes to turning heads you broke the mold and wrote the book
You’re a class lady but the kind that sizzles
When you go out girl be prepared you’re gonna hear some whistles
Don’t get up tight girl them boys don’t mean no harm
They’ve ain’t nothing quite like you growing out there on the farm.

Girl you’re too hot for hee haw when your bouncing like a see-saw
And giving these boys lock jaw and breaking their hearts
So hear these words of wisdom straight from my grandpa
Girl What you got is just too hot for hee haw


You can hear the whispers as she walks by
She’s getting stares from everywhere even caught the preacher’s eye
Now don’t get all righteous we’re not supposed to judge
Wasn’t there a rule that says that you can look but you can’t touch
The hen’s are getting restless the husbands’ heart’s are racing
We may be about to witness a Sunday morning altercation

Repeat Chorus

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