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Keys demo

Post by SpecialGuestVillain » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:24 pm


Southern skies’d darkened, scattered dogs were barkin’
Ahead of the hurricane
The Parrot Club was closin’, traffic was nearly frozen
Outta Key Biscayne
Pete pulled up his collar, fingered the fifty dollars
In his valet coat
Times were gettin’ tougher, his tips’d never cover
The doctor bills he owed

He ran out in the rain to fetch some purple Escalade
He wondered what bought that ride if crime never paid
Then he prayed that his windfall’d sail in from the seas
That driver slipped him two bucks when Pete gave him the keys

Pete made it home safely, found his pregnant wife bravely
Waiting on the porch
Seaweed in the gutters, as he boarded up the shutters
Windows and doors
Meanwhile a two-time felon, was on the south beach sellin’
Contraband again
Two pistols in his waistband, to save him from the wasteland
Of a Florida pen

Crate in his purple Escalade, speedboat by the pier
They had maybe twenty minutes, to get away free n clear
Waves rose around the pilings, wind bendin’ old palm trees
Suitcase of unmarked hundreds, for a crate full of keys

The kingpin in the Caymans, he put all his payments
In a shadow bank
Contact in Key Largo, he’d take half the cargo
To a Jersey gang
But after all that schemin’, there were guns and screamin‘,
During the doublecross
That Escalade exploded, the fancy speedboat floated
For awhile and then was lost

Soon the storm blew over and left starfish on the beach
Pete could see the moonlight had the tide on a leash
Him and his wife were walkin’, along the peaceful seas
They found a scuffed up suitcase, that’d washed back to the Keys

©2007 Al Carmichael/Robert George

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