Home Before Midnight (Could This Be a Hit?)

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Re: Home Before Midnight (Could This Be a Hit?)

Post by cosmicdolphin » Tue Sep 08, 2020 4:03 pm

irwin wrote:
Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:46 pm
New recording and arrangements. I know you've been to the length with me on this song. Please I am asking to give me one last listen. Isn't it better sounding now.
Irwin you seem like a nice guy but Tom is right , these sound like the deranged noodlings of a madman ...now don't get me wrong I quite like strange robotic voices, quirky beats and off kilter music - it appeals to me on some bizarre level, but I've got to question what you've learned in 14 years ?

Sorry but I really don't know what the deal is here - If you really can't play and understand how music fits together go and learn it somewhere like we all had to. Or stick with writing lyrics if you don't and become really good at that


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Re: Home Before Midnight (Could This Be a Hit?)

Post by CTWF » Wed Sep 09, 2020 12:17 am

Hi Irwin

Something occurred to me: Maybe you are not very familiar with the concept of a "key signature" and a "scale" in a key? These are the most basic concepts of musical theory, if you want. Maybe you know all this inside out (if so, then please just ignore this post!!), but maybe not(?), so here are a few things about it.

Many songs are written in a certain "key" - which means that you are only "allowed" to play certain tones (keys) on the piano, because if you start playing the "forbidden" ones, it sounds "bad" or out of tune in the context of the specific track in question.

For instance, the key signature of the little piece I posted earlier is "C minor" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_minor). This means I am only "allowed" to play the notes shown in blue below (be aware that note "Ab" and note "G#" are the same note, only given different names; similarly, "Eb" and "D#" are the same):


If you have a good sense of melody, you don't need this "theory", because you just hear what sounds "good". Still, it can be helpful if you know what the "allowed" keys and chords (that is a different subject) are.

For instance, what key is your track written in? Do you know it or can you pin-point it? Sometimes keys can change, or the melodic set-up can be more complicated. But often it is better to start out simple, and the "scale" can help you a lot.

I write this, because in the tracks you post, I often hear notes that sound "forbidden" (off-scale) to me. :)

All the best,
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