Blame the Man in Black demo

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Blame the Man in Black demo

Post by SpecialGuestVillain » Sun Nov 15, 2020 6:27 pm ... in-black-2

Blame The Man In Black

Daddy took me to the back porch, a little after dinnertime
And I saw a lonesome blackbird, landing on the laundry line
Dad saw my cross-bone t-shirt, and my knuckles scraped and bruised
Though I thought I’d get a lecture, he sang “Folsom Prison Blues”
When that haunted song was through, he said “I was crazy, too
And I caused some trouble at your age
Somehow that man’s rebel songs, made me feel like I belonged
And they gave a voice to my youthful rage

Just as your sweet forgiving mama
Stirred up all kinds of drama
When I knocked out a bouncer in a whiskey shack
If you ask her here today
About my wicked, reckless ways
She’ll just frown and say ‘blame the Man In Black’

Ten-log ferries on the bayou, fan boats on the Everglades
Runnin’ rifles, pills and powder, any contraband that paid
Raidin’ southern villes and townships, burnin’ down a country jail
With a box of wooden matches, and a case of Rebel Yell
And then one night I was parked, by an oak tree in the dark
Midnight spittin’ moonlight on the Spanish moss
Back then I blamed it all on June, rowdy Johnny’d changed his tune
DJ played him singin’ “The Old Rugged Cross”

But ask any of my outlaw buddies
How that stream was cold n muddy
When the deacon dunked me near his country shack
Some are still alive today
Ask ‘em ‘bout my righteous ways
They’ll just frown and say ‘blame the Man In Black’”

Daddy left me there to ponder, on the paths of light and sin
Soon the moonlight fell beside me, and that blackbird took the wind
Sometimes when I’m thinkin’ back now, on the kind of man I am
I can hear the voice of angels, on the wings of a highwayman

Just ask my sweet forgiving mama
I stirred up all kinds of drama
When I knocked out a card cheat in that whiskey shack
That ain’t who I am today
So ask how Jesus changed my ways
She’ll just smile and say “blame the Man In Black”

©2010 Greg Shields/Robert George

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