Placements and thanks!

Did you get a deal through TAXI? Lets hear about it!

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Placements and thanks!

Post by KChambers » Thu Mar 25, 2021 1:31 pm

Hi all!
Kristin Chambers here!
I am a long time TAXI member and yet this is my first Forum post! My recent placement on Y&R with Chris Hamilton, spurred on the need for me to sing my TAXI praises. Over the years I have been coming to the Rally and slow but sure have turned a 20 song artist arsenal into a career that is moving forward in TV and Film.
Now close to 70 songs signed, placements starting to happen (Hallmark, Nat Geo,Y&R and more) I feel the path is unfolding more clearly. Every collaborator, signing, and placement, have come directly from the TAXI Rally and the people I have met there. I have taken courses and educated myself on TV/Film music and now, even more exciting I am recording and producing on my own with the tutelage of Fett. Shout out to Bob Mete, Steve Rice, Dean Krippaehne, Frank Rogala, Chris Mugs, David Zimmer, Amanda West, Casey H. and all my collabs for working with me. Thank you Michael and TAXI for creating this family and way to get to where you want to go. Now back to work. Oh and here's the track!
Kristin Chambers

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