Long-distance co-write

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Long-distance co-write

Post by waltergrund » Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:27 am

just wanted to share somethin POSITIVE concerning co-writes, which might also help for Covid-scenarios.

Recently, I was asked to do a song in the style of Amy Winehouse, sad, emotional, but still driving, mid-tempo.
My daughter and me have written quite a lot of songs together, but she moved out 3 years ago for studying medicine in a city 3h from where we (parents) live. So when the asignment came in, there was a deadline to meet. We couldn't wait until she'd come visiting home. (Although we would have loved that...)

Before the actual meeting, I prepared a drum track in the R&B style and sound for a kick-off.
Then I added chords that I came up with and sent Charlotte this for consensus. We made some changes. Funny part: She wanted to have different drum-fills, less intensive to get a better vibe and ideas for melodies. Charlotte is better at melodies, I usually do chords, arrangement, more lyrics and production stuff. That is no general rule for our workflow, but often worked in the past like that.

So after a week or so Charlotte and I met via Skype but soon switched to phonecall, so we could both work better on our Computers on a google-doc for the lyrics. That was sooo cool and way more effectice than staring into one screen while actually sitting next to each other. It was way faster since we can work simultaniously on an online-doc. Both of us could google at the same time, add stuff and so on.

When we'd done a section lyric-wise, Charlotte recorded it with garage band. She had imported the drum track and chords and has the new SSL2+ Interface I recently won (!). She has also a roland DR80c mic AND a large curtain she sings "into". So nothing special, but decent stuff.

After every section was done, Charlotte sang the whole vocals until we got a good version. We thought about doing vocal harmonies, but dismissed the idea. Nothing adaquate came up.
Days later I worked on brass, guitars and finally added some simple Amysh' keyboard-eigh notes.

We were pretty happy with the result and so was the company and they signed it!
Here's the song:
https://www.taxi.com/members/vyeg7pD_TM ... ut-my-soul

That was a cool learning experience I kept following with my student's band also. We met in a virtual room and worked together on a song, we'll complete the next weeks. Sady, we haven't been allowed to meet since December 2020 due to Corona.

>I'm with TAXI since 2008 and it has been a learning experience since then. Thanks for all the inputs on Road Rallies, TAXI-TVs and more, maybe this gives something back to "the community".
I haven't been submitting much anymore (just recently a GuitarSolo-Jazz-piece got forwarded and signed) because I have a fulltime job and through TAXI built a network with contacts and opportunities I can't even keep up with concerning writing-possibilities...

Take care,

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