A few more thoughts

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A few more thoughts

Post by Lane1777 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:07 pm

need to get just a few other opinions and then re-writing this song. I have a small demo if your anything like me I need to hear the lyric work. I f you want to hear the song let me know i can put a link here..thanks if you come around and leave opinions.

Rain or Shine
v1]He was never one to waste His time,
but then His whole world disappeared.
The little girl He loved so much, would never come home again.

v2]The signs and pictures on the store front doors, have mostly faded
away, sometimes Her face takes me back
to Our younger, brighter days.
Dad came home from work that day
He was never the same man.
He sits on a bench He built for His girl... bows His head,
Rain or Shine..

All of the love
will never bring them back again
you keep a heart wide open,
love is always going to win.

v3] Came as no surprise to me
when We laid him next to Her
I said a prayer....and said good-bye

chorus 2
Dad came home from work that day
He was never the same man.
He sat on a bench He built, for his girl...
bowed His head...Rain or Shine..
through those years...Rain or Shine..
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