Bouncy, funky electro-pop needs mixing help

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Bouncy, funky electro-pop needs mixing help

Post by sarahgxg » Tue May 11, 2021 3:50 pm

This song is missing out on a lot of suitable listings, simply because it needs a mixing/production upgrade:

If you're willing and able, I can offer 1/3 of any sync fees if it gets placed.

"‘Boy’ is Nu Shooz meets The Weeknd, Gloria Estefan meets Doja Cat…
Playful, bopping beats and a simple, catchy chorus are the foundation of this weekend-ready tune. Retro sounds color the vibe with interweaving vocoders and an 80’s synth line that perfectly rides your hand on the wind out the car window. Dynamic ‘ear candy’ accentuates movement, from the beginning giggle to the surprise trumpet-solo ending. A short, old-school style breakdown ends with a thick bass drop, and the jam continues…. You’re sure to be left with a smile on your face, despite the whimsical lyrical jabs at the song’s antagonist"

Message me if you believe in it and know that you can do better!

Thanks =)
Sarah G

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