Behind the Night demo

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Behind the Night demo

Post by SpecialGuestVillain » Thu May 20, 2021 2:50 pm ... night-demo

Behind the Night

Behind the night
There’s a wall that shows a woman’s silhouette
She’s wrapped in a sheet of shadow on the bed
Cos her kisses hide, behind the night

Behind the night
She smiles when she hears me walk into the room
I reach toward the fragrance of her sweet perfume
Cos she’s out of sight, behind the night

Yeah, the passion of two lovers
Will reveal their hearts the most
When we touch we see each other
Even though our eyes are closed

Cos Behind the night
There’s a kiss that lingers deep and slow and long
Midnight wonders if our love can last till dawn
Things our hearts decide, behind the night

©2007 Gary Usinger/Robert George

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