Upright piano and audio studio on a traveling sailboat

Tell us about your studio and post some photos no matter how modest or robust it is!

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Upright piano and audio studio on a traveling sailboat

Post by superblonde » Tue Jul 06, 2021 8:02 am

Not my home studio, but these pro musicians have something interesting going on. Supposedly the piano is on a lift, which raises it up for concerts and lowers it inside for boating.


I count at least the following gear,

2 Gopro's for piano
1 DSLR on tripod
1 Gopro on 1 drone
2 mic's for piano Hi/Lo
2 mic's for vocals
2 stage monitors/PAs
1 upright piano
1 piano bench
1 video processing desk (with wireless setup for the Gopro video?)
1 audio mixing desk

1 "I'm On A Boat" pirate sailboat
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