Not that Kind of Drunk

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Not that Kind of Drunk

Post by KevinT » Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:47 pm

I’m really new to Taxi and don’t want to abuse the privilege of posting here for feedback but wondered about these lyrics. Any feedback appreciated thank you!

Not that Kind of Drunk

From time to time I take a ride
After the working day is through
Wouldn’t call it a habit
But it's something I always do

Find a spot in the parking lot
Of the Friendship Bar and Grill
And even though it’s dark inside
Probably should be darker still

There’s guys in there who tell you
They left their wallet in the truck
But I’ll be paying up for my rounds
Cause I’m not that kind of drunk

My wife she keeps me humble
Got so much to be humble for
And due to her forbearance
Got my own mattress on the floor

Although the jokes are in poor taste
And the setting’s rather rough
I never have insulted you
Even when the times got tough

I know the girls are running wild
And they’ll run til they’ve had enough
But I never thought to cheat on you
Cause I’m not that kind of drunk

Never had a lot of faith
In the supermarket system
I’m brewing beer out in the shed
Making whiskey in the kitchen

By now I’ve heard so many things
That I can just disregard
I know I’ve had too many wives
And I’ve wrecked too many cars

But they’ll never be another day
Just like the one we got right now
So let’s go on out in the back
And toast that old sundown

Later I could call a cab
In the morning come get the truck
Or I could cut out early
But I’m not that kind of drunk

I smell tequila in the breeze
Half my calories come from that stuff
I could try an Irish goodbye
But I’m not that kind of drunk

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