Do you agree with the screener(416)?

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Do you agree with the screener(416)?

Post by DennisPMusic » Thu Sep 09, 2021 10:42 pm

I got a return from the listing TAXI # S210904AM today.
I feel that the screener hasn't listened to the reference track before he wrote his feedback???


Lots of AMBIENT MEDITATION INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Digital Content Platform for several (up to) $500 placements in guided meditation programs they're producing.
NOTE: This Company is brand new to requesting music from TAXI, so this is a great opportunity to get connected with an awesome company!
This Company is looking for Instrumentals that would fall within the general stylistic wheelhouse of the following references:
"Polaris" by Celestial Realms
"Red Geranium" by Chris Coco
"Highlands" by Nagawa Meditation
"Yuna" by Levitating Moon
"FEET" by Hiroshi Yoshimura
Although some of the references have vocals, please submit Instrumentals only for this pitch.
Please submit well-produced Ambient Meditation Instrumentals with high-quality organic or electronic-based instrumentation – or a combination of both. If you're using any virtual instruments or samples, they need to be high-quality and current-sounding. Imagine the type of music you might hear in a spa or yoga studio – that's what this Company wants to hear!
TAXI Tip: Pieces with a "drone-like" sound or subtle melodic movement could both work for this request. Just be sure that they are relaxing, meditative, and wouldn't distract from the guided meditation voiceover!
IMPORTANT: Please do NOT include any sound effects in your music such as animal sounds, waterfalls, wind chimes, raindrops, etc.
All submissions should be at least 3 minutes in length and no longer than 7 minutes. Non-faded, buttoned endings will work best. Please do not copy the references in any way, shape, or form. Use them only as a general guide for feel, texture, and tone. Broadcast Quality is needed.


What I like most about this song
I like the guitar parts, the subtlety, the ideas and the overall mix and blend. Nice job with the subtle theme and melodic content. Very musical.

I think you could improve this song by
This is good, but needs more contemporary synth sounds, more variation, more contour and more of a gradual and cohesive build throughout.

I returned or forwarded this song because
This needs a more subtle start, a more gradual build, less repetition, and more competitive synth sounds.

MY TRACK: ... ent-dreams


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Re: Do you agree with the screener(416)?

Post by Picardster » Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:26 am

I can't. Just the repetitive moment I'd agree with. A two minute cue would have prevented that imvho

I also had submitted (I guess) 4 tracks in this listing. And the reasons for the returns were questionable, at least.

Maybe there were just too many submissions and the screener had a real problem with the quota to be passed on.....Who knows?

This stuff is easy to produce, as we know.

Just my five cents. I do like the sounds :-)

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Re: Do you agree with the screener(416)?

Post by darkbluerooms » Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:09 pm

Sounds good to me. Matches the reference quite closely. And I categorically disagree with the screener that your sounds are dated/not competitive. I'm flummoxed.

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Re: Do you agree with the screener(416)?

Post by cosmicdolphin » Sun Sep 12, 2021 2:36 pm

I half agree with the screener

There is a vibe about the ref track which I think you've not captured. To my ears it comes from using reversed sounds , I think that's what's going on in the ref. Not a fan of that high bell synth you've used and if the pad type sound have more vibey FX on it ( something like Drip for example ) I think it would have sounded a bit more contemporary.

I still thinks it's quite a decent effort though.


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