Questions about forwards ! :)

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Questions about forwards ! :)

Post by JasperB » Wed Oct 20, 2021 6:20 pm

Hey friends,
Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.
I'm new to Taxi and this is my first month exploring this avenue..
I've gotten quite a few forwards for the things i've been sending but was wondering and wanted to ask the community - from the forwards you friends got - what percentage would you say actually got placed? and whenever things do get placed , how long does it usually take an agency to hit you back regarding the opportunity?

Thank you for all your insight and hope we can all celebrate together at one point or another thanks to TAXI.

thanks in advance !

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Re: Questions about forwards ! :)

Post by Paulie » Fri Oct 22, 2021 5:33 pm

Howdy Jasper and welcome to the best online community for new composers on the internet! :)

Your question is asked often and it's pretty hard to nail down a solid answer due to the many variables involved. I suggest you check out the posts in the F.A.Q. section here, as well as go to YouTube and search for TaxiTV 101 videos. Michael has done several episodes over the years specifically for new members and he answers a ton of questions.

As far as what percentages of forwards end up as placements, it's probably a small number, because a forward just means that you've met Taxi's standards for quality and they have forwarded your music to their customer. Forward rates vary wildly across Taxi members, my forward rate used to be around 30%, some folks are higher, some are lower.

Another thing to ask is what percentage of forwards result in a call back from a library? That number is also a low number, for a variety of reasons. For me the call back percentage was low single digits.

Even then, once you get called back, you then need to send your music to your new customer. What happen next depends on whether you are talking to a music librarian adding stuff to their catalog, or you are talking direct with a supervisor that actually places the music into a show. If a librarian, your music is now in a catalog and sits there waiting to be adopted like an animal at the shelter. ;) Libraries are all different, some proactively pitch specific content, others are sending batches of various genres in response to a show brief, while others are just accepting anything they get and hoping someone finds it on their own.

So, all of these variables make it difficult to answer your initial question. This is one of the reasons the Taxi mantra of "Write, submit, forget, repeat" exist. Best of luck!

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Re: Questions about forwards ! :)

Post by hummingbird » Fri Oct 22, 2021 8:59 pm

JasperB wrote:
Wed Oct 20, 2021 6:20 pm
from the forwards you friends got - what percentage would you say actually got placed? and whenever things do get placed , how long does it usually take an agency to hit you back regarding the opportunity?
an agency/library/publisher/supervisor who is interested in signing your track will contact you after the Forward in order to offer a contract. No one can tell you how long it will take for someone to contact you about the Forward. Could be some weeks, months, a year, or never. If you are contacted, be prepared with your PRO information, be prepared to sign a contract (I recommend you submit it within 24 hours if possible) and to upload the track / alt mixes / stems in whatever format they desire as quickly as possible (again, within a day or two).

If the signed track gets placed, chances are you won't know about it until you get your PRO statement 6 or 9 months after the broadcast.

I don't know the percentage of Forwards that got placed. I do have some deals through TAXI. Some signed music has never been placed. Some has. I've had one odd sort of track placed several times in three different series by one of the first libraries I signed with.

Hope that helps
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