100% Publishing and streaming royalties

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100% Publishing and streaming royalties

Post by kregdurant » Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:27 pm

I notice alot of these listings state they want 100% publishing (and i understand why). Does this mean they keep all publishing including from other streams?

If its a "Non exclusive" library asking for 100% publishing , wouldn't this make it, in theory, "Exclusive" by proxy, because you don't have publishing to give other libraries?

What does the ASCAP backend look like in these situations? Do i set it up? do that


If you're setting up for a publisher to only keep the publishing on placements THEY get, how is that setup as well?

Any thorough reading or youtube channels on publishing you can recommend would be helpful, because its hard to find answers to these questions. Seems to be the most gatekept questions lol. (for instance this is my 2nd time asking 1 of these questions here and 100th asking it all over the internet)

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