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Content ID on youtube

Post by kregdurant » Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:42 pm

I searched the forums and haven't found much about this. I watched a taxi tv where they were talking about getting strikes from content id saying it was already signed to a publisher if they were getting flagged.

But nowhere can i find any info on this actually being a publisher. I distributed through distrokid, and they didn't let me know it was a publishing deal (if it was), and if this is the case i think all parties responsible are liable for class action. It wasn't in the terms, nothing. Not a thing said "Publishing".

Audiam (content id partner) even states that they are not a publisher, or publishing admin. They state that they only provide a service.

On the other side, not doing content ID allows people on youtube to use and monetize your music without your permission. That ALSO seems like a major class action case.

Is content ID a problem in sync?

If someone knows this, how can i remove content id?

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