Why am I not getting my songs through the first round?

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Why am I not getting my songs through the first round?

Post by keithbeck » Wed Nov 23, 2022 5:23 pm

Hi! I submitted about 8 songs for different pitches. The last two really surprised me. I thought (just like all of you for your songs...) that these two tracks were spot on! I'd like tot ask you people your take on my song. I would like to hear from non taxi critics what they think about it. What worked- what doesn't and why you think that #419 said NO.
Please submit well-composed Dramedy Instrumentals (or Cues) that push the boundaries of typical Dramedy music. Your arrangements should feature some pizzicato strings, but should generally avoid using Orchestral instruments as prominent elements in your pieces. Some Orchestral instrumentation is okay to include, but please be sure not to over-do it! Think of ways your could replace where you would typically hear orchestral instruments with unexpected instruments and sounds and build your pieces from there.

Your submissions can range in mood within the Dramedy genre – from quirky and light hearted to a bit more dramatic – but they still need to convey a "dramedy" feel. Craft your pieces around a central motif and layer instrumentation in and out as they progress to create dynamics, interest, and forward motion. Your production should be polished and any virtual instruments or samples you use should be high-quality and state-of-the-art.

TAXI TIP: There is room to get creative with this pitch since this Library is looking for a fresh, new take on Dramedy. Think of changing up the cadences, rhythms, instrumentation, etc., to help give your pieces an added edge. The more unexpected the instrumentation, the better!
Here is the link. to my song
https://soundcloud.com/keith-beck-music ... ck-dramady

I'll post what #419 (who seems to review a lot of my stuff) said after I hear from some of you. THANKS A LOT. DON'T BE AFFRAID TO POST WHAT YOU REALLY THINK-- I CAN TAKE IT (I hope!)

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Re: Why am I not getting my songs through the first round?

Post by Telefunkin » Thu Nov 24, 2022 2:07 am

Hi, this is an odd one to decipher when the listing requests tracks that "push the boundaries of typical Dramedy music". However, I have a few thoughts that might help, or maybe not but I'll share them anyway.
- The track uses mainly traditional orchestral instruments (with very good sounds), plus a metallic sound design element, so it probably doesn't push the boundaries enough in terms of sonic content.
- That said, I don't hear the pizzicato strings that are requested.
- The rhythm is pretty static and plodding, and although that gives a light-hearted feel it isn't "changing up the rhythms, cadences" as asked for.
- Although there's a motif, the track doesn't develop around it to create "dynamics, interest, and forward motion" like all cues are expected to deliver.
- It feels like the mood changes every few bars (which is confusing) rather than delivering one clear mood that defines its use.
- Even the track name isn't helping you. Its important to use good titles that give some indication of the mood or use. Imagine the confusion if every dramedy cue included 'dramedy' in the title.

I hope there's something in there that you can use :).

[Also, I think this forum is intended for discussions on songs rather than instrumentals, so you might get more response by posting in Peer-to-Peer next time]
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