qr code for taxi artist page on badge?

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qr code for taxi artist page on badge?

Post by ochaim » Wed Sep 13, 2023 6:46 pm

from this week’s taxitv episode regarding networking with tracy and vance, qr codes for member websites on badges came up. since a lot of members dont have websites, the idea was put aside.

just a thought, but would it be helpful for those without a website have the qr code be directed to their taxi page instead? the page is included in the membership and would mostly entail making sure theres a presentable photo, bio and cleaning up the tracks that appear publicly.

i agree that having your own website is ideal, but for those who cant have one, for whatever reason, the taxi member page provides the basics. since it is being used at a taxi convention, the taxi branding of the site wont appear awkward.

i’m not sure how helpful it would be but the qr code on the name badge is a very novel idea.

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