Tracking Mandolin

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Tracking Mandolin

Post by Gillihan » Mon Nov 20, 2023 1:18 pm

Howdy Y'all!!
Mr. Questions here! hahaha
A songwriting buddy of mine set me up with a mandolin and I have been learning to play it for about a week or so and have gotten pretty blessed good at it.(PRAISE GOD) I have written some cool rips and wanna track them pro. (the more you can play and track saves on production aye?) anyhow..
Any advice to get the best quality recording of a Rover MandoLIN??(sounds amazing in the room to begin) I have a few AKG pen condensers , an AKG perception 200 and a p120, a few SM57s many EV drum mics, and an EV nd86. any help on the proper mic for the job and placement would be greatly appreciated. Again, this is a new instrument for me. Not quite hip to where it is on the frequency chart etc. (couldn't find an eq cheat sheet for it ) . I have tracked it a few times with the pen mic by the f hole and it sounds pretty good, but again I have heard better (The dead south and Billy strings tracks etc.) I want to attain their tones. So far i have been tracking it like a guitar. I don't know a ton about getting tone on the instrument ..COMPRESSION? NO COMPRESSION? ETC. Although I have learned all the chords and a few scales,and much of my guitar skills have came into play with getting tones from just my hands and pick attack. just wanna capture it's beautiful sound the correct way. Here in the forum I usually I get good answers from pros that know . :D :geek:
Thanks and God Bless you all!
Humble and eager to learn!
Brandon 8-)

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