The 5 Mistakes that NEW Songwriters Make

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The 5 Mistakes that NEW Songwriters Make

Post by TAXILIZ » Fri Mar 22, 2024 10:21 am

The 5 Mistakes That New Songwriters Make With Robin Frederick On This Week’s TAXI TV!

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7 pm Eastern (EDT) / 6 pm Central (CDT) / 4 pm Pacific (PDT) 11 pm London (GMT) / 10 am Sydney (AEDT)

Dear Songwriters, Artists, and Producers,

Do you believe that you’re either born with talent or you’re not?

Do you believe that hit songwriters just pop out of their mother’s bellies imbued with the gift of writing great songs? I don’t!

All the hit songwriters I’ve met during my career have gone to great lengths to learn the craft of songwriting. And they keep working at their craft to stay current and relevant as styles and the public’s preferences change with the times.

There’s something else that hit songwriters have in common, but few will ever admit it.

They ALL made a ton of mistakes in the beginning!
Many of those mistakes are common to virtually all beginning songwriters. But, if you don’t know what those common mistakes are, you keep making them over and over until they become career-killing habits!

“Career-killing” as in; your career as a hit songwriter never materializes. You stay stuck in “amateur-land” no matter how many years you keep writing songs.

Please don’t think of me as being rude or harsh for asking this, but, how many years have you been writing songs? And if you’re completely honest with yourself, how many hit songs have you written in all those years?

You’ll stop making those common mistakes once you know what they are…
And best-selling author of Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting, Robin Frederick is the perfect person to tell you exactly what those mistakes are and how to avoid making them as you finally move your career forward!

That’s why I’ve asked Robin to join us on this week’s episode of TAXI TV!

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Click the link below to watch LIVE on Monday at 4 PM Pacific!

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