Samples! [the good ones]

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Samples! [the good ones]

Post by shawnstonesifer » Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:39 am

I just got my taxi authentication to use the boards so I'm in a pretty good mood this morning. Pretty good for being snowed in. Packet coming in a few days. I have a handful of questions for the experienced, hoping I can get some help. I'll probably put threads in various appropriate places.I'm particularly interested in composing for the film/tv/vg areas, and like everyone, I want to be the best, or at least good enough to get good work. So I guess I mean the best. Question:I'm running logic and I have the jam packs. I found the symphonic jam pack to be various degrees of pretty good/turd. I guess part of it is my experience level, as I've only decided to start this business in the last few months.On the other hand, it's fairly obvious that percussive sounds and loops sound very nice, strings are mediocre, and wind instruments are the turd. So, as far as samples for choirs and symphonies, who has the good stuff?I mean,1. What do I wish I had that's way too expensive?2. What will get me going in the meantime for a reasonable sum?3. Does anybody have a good whistle sample? [not tweet tweet, more like someone whistling]4. Are there any great books on how to make a business of this [particularly getting into libraries] or any great engineering books?5. I still haven't run into any figures for realistic $ values for placements. Anybody have a fair notion?6. What should I do for reverb? Logic comes with some barely passable reverbs and some really dumpy ones. Particularly reverbs for orchestral work.Look, I want this as much as anybody, and I'm smart enough to know that I'm not there yet. ... mos/Here's my work so far. I'm open to every suggestion. I can't get constructive analysis from anyone I know. Thanks and helloShawn

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