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Getting Busy
Getting Busy
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Songwriter / Guitarist / Composer available for collaboration

Post by robroper » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:55 pm

Hello Taxi friends,

After returning from my first Road Rally, I thought I would start looking for some potential collaborators. I'm a songwriter, guitarist and performer in Denver, Colorado. My taste in music is pretty wide-- I like everything except Pop (the very thing that the music biz wants, lol). I'm mostly into various genres of rock, as well as acoustic music-- folk or singer-songwriter. But I like old country or alt-country, classical and other stuff too.

You can hear my songwriting and composing abilities here: for my singer-songwriter stuff. Also spoken word over rock and assorted things. for my instrumental rock stuff

Here are things I'm good at:

1. Songwriting is my strength. People tell me that I'm a good lyricist, but... I'm a very SLOOOOW lyric writer. So for Taxi purposes, I'm probably not a good collaborator if you want something in a week... or even a month!

2. However, I'm a very good editor if you have a first draft of lyrics and want a critique, or a co-writer who might be able to improve on them. I can do that fast.

3. I can write music to someone else's lyrics pretty quickly.

4. I am a good rhythm guitar player, and also good at guitar noise or ambient creations. I have several electric guitars, several very good amps, and many effect pedals. I can close mic one of my amps at home and get very high quality tones. So if you want a real electric guitar tone on a track, instead of a software simulation of an amp, I can do that.

5. I can play fairly simple melodic lead guitar, but I'm no shredder.

6. I recently went back to school for music theory, and went through all 4 semesters of music theory. I also took Basic Techniques of Composition. I can compose melodies and/or chord progressions for small ensembles (string quartet, piano-flute-clarinet, etc.) or for piano. I'm still basically a beginner piano player, but I can compose things on staff paper (or software) even though I can't play them myself. I plan to use what I learned to compose music for instrumental cues.

My engineering skills are developing. I would rank them at this point as a good amateur. After the Road Rally, I am making it a priority to get better.

If any of these skills could be of use to you, send me a message on Taxi, or by email:

Happy music-making to everyone.
Rob Roper

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Re: Songwriter / Guitarist / Composer available for collaboration

Post by TheRealPatrickAdams » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:37 pm

Hey Rob,

I'll collaborate with you. I'm looking at writing and rewriting some songs, especially in the lyric department. I got my new recording setup and have got software downloaded so hopefully star putting together some songs to "tape".

Maybe we can write something over the interweb and see what happens!

Take care and talk soon!

Patrick Adams

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