Talking about the Nashville high bar

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Talking about the Nashville high bar

Post by geo » Wed Sep 19, 2007 6:12 am

Hey guys, do screeners ever consider a good song slightly off genre? I just received a return, no big deal, but the screener like the song, gave a good review (he liked the lyrics, hook and melody ), but thought it was off genre, which I knew it was. It's a simple, fun, 1/ / 4/ 5/, rock and roll song I wrote for my band back in the day and thought it fit the bill for the type of song they were looking for. Not discouraged and will continue submitting but should I not bother with the Nashville listings (there's another this month it might fit)? I do plan on recording a cleaner (lyrically) version for a teen pop listing but unfortunately I don't have access to the original master... GeoFun, rousing, rockin' CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY-ROCK SONGS are needed by the VP of A&R at Major Nashville Label for an established hit group a la TRICK PONY. Great "Southern bar band/redneck country-rock" songs are OK, as this band likes to get rowdy, but the bottom line is they need HITS. So great lyrics, hooks, and melodies all have to be there. All tempos are OK, but up-tempos are always preferred. The song is "Good time's all it is"

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