The Soul Moves On

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The Soul Moves On

Post by good4somethingbum » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:38 pm

The Soul Moves On ©2018 Robert George BMI

Sometimes I hear footfalls in the attic or the cellar
And it feels as if this old house has a midnight dweller
It took many seasons to accept you’re gone
Ash and dust remain but the soul moves on

Sometimes in the garden when the wind’s direction changes
Something casts a purple shadow on the Spring hydrangeas
Is it wild geese soaring high above the lawn
Memories remain and yet the soul moves on

Bible on the table in a drafty room
It flips open to your fav’rite book
Then a sword of truth cuts through the mortal gloom
And restores the hope that grieving took

And the out of tune piano by the potted cactus
When I’m napping on the sofa I can hear you practice
And ev’ry bullfrog, butterfly and fawn
Whispers life remains although the soul moves on

Life remains although the soul moves on
the soul moves on…

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