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New to taxi desperately seeking feedback

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:02 pm
by JoelKnight1031
Hello My name is Joel knight I am a songwriter/singer. I write across many different genres and would love some feedback. Spare no feelings. the only bad feedback is NO feedback.

The First is a country song. i know the production is lacking, but how is the arrangement and the song in general? marketable? Etc.

The next song could be considered contemporary Christian if labels must be placed.

This song is a modern rock song. Is it to Short? I have some ideas on how to make it a little longer, but I wanted some feedback first.

Finally this next song is what I would call Neo-soul. I plan on adding some guitar. ... you-should

Thanks for your time.


Joel knight

Re: New to taxi desperately seeking feedback

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:54 am
by davekershaw
Hi Joel.

I only had time to listen to the first track. Will get to the others hopefully later.

I like the song. Nice Lyrics. Got an Eagles feel.
Nice build up, and productions seems balanced.

I wasn't keen on the lower vocal on "I'll be missing you" at the end of the first chorus. I don't think it needs that.
I would have liked some guitar licks in there. A lead break would have nice too, but I'm a guitarist, so I always like them!
Seemed to end a bit abruptly; maybe tail off a little more.

Well, it's no longer "NO feedback". Hope it helps.


Re: New to taxi desperately seeking feedback

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:16 am
by hummingbird
Hi Joel - welcome aboard1 It's probably easier for us if you put one song in one thread, and include the lyrics with the posting, just for next time :)

Are you pitching yourself as an artist, or songs to artists, or songs to film & tv?

I listened to "10 Reasons", not my genre, I liked a lot of the instrumentation but the vocals seemed lost in the mix, like there isn't enough space for them. I think the piano/keyboard seems to cover the voice in some places. The song really takes off about 245. IMHO I think that cool stuff like that should come in sooner. Get the groove going in that first chorus. Also the bass blimp, works well when vocals come in but prior to that is too forward for my taste.

Just as I was finished this Heaven Crying started, just a comment on the mix for the few bars I heard... it feels like there is some high frequency that needs EQ.

glad to meet you :)