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Cool Film Music Primer

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:22 pm
by mojobone
This is a really cool film music tutorial for all you self-taught keyboardistas. You don't need to be able to read, but it helps if you can count to eleven.

There's a great followup lesson, too if you let it autoplay.

Re: Cool Film Music Primer

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:04 pm
by davekropf
I started watching this and immediately bristled at the simplistic, almost sarcastic tone he seemed to be taking. But once I got over myself, I found this to be super interesting!

Funnily enough, the non-theoretical explanations bent my brain a little, so I've "translated" his concept to Roman numeral progressions below.
  • I - II: Protagonism
  • I - #IV: Outerspace
  • I - bVI: Fantasical
  • I - iii: Sadness, loss
  • I - iv: Romantic, Middle Eastern
  • i - IV: Wonder, transcendence (also I - v)
  • i - II: Muster or dark comedy
  • i - VII: Dramatic sound popular in early 21st C
  • i - #iv: Antagonism, danger (less character-based)
  • i - bvi: Antagonism, evil (more character-based)
I am all for any concept or technique that can help spur creativity! Thanks for posting!

Re: Cool Film Music Primer

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:00 pm
by brrrse
This sent me down a you-tube rabbit hole - which solved my boredom issues this evening. Thank you!! :)