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Introduction and my 1st Rally

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:18 pm
by tonedimension
Hello Taxi Forum members! Introducing myself to this group is long overdue as I’ve been a Taxi member for about 3 years now. My name is Bryan Nicholas and I’m finally going to make it to a Road Rally after putting it off the previous 2 years. Everyone on the forum seems really friendly, supportive and passionate about music which is honestly what convinced me to attend. I’m really looking forward to meeting as many of you at the Rally as I can.

Also, I’ve read a few threads on suggestions for Rally newbies so I won’t ask again. Of course, if you have some sage words of wisdom, I’m all ears.

Anyway, I’m really thankful for all the things I’ve learned through Taxi and really looking forward to the Rally!

See you there!

Re: Introduction and my 1st Rally

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:47 am
by SKM
Hey there!

Good to meet you! It is my first RR as well, however, I only joined a few months ago so more reason :lol:

I'm glad you are finally getting to go as I have been hearing that it is life changing!


Re: Introduction and my 1st Rally

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 4:21 pm
by tonedimension
Thanks! Glad to hear you didn't wait as long as I did. I planned to attend the past couple of years but couldn't seem to make it happen. This year, I am there! I've got the flight booked and I've had the room since the first week of registration. I can hardly wait!

Re: Introduction and my 1st Rally

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:01 pm
by nicotina
This is my first time going, and I've been with Taxi a few years. I look forward to meeting everyone (or as many as I can manage, anyway)


Re: Introduction and my 1st Rally

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:47 am
by Razor7Music

This is my 5th or 6th, but I'll never forget my first one. It propelled me into action like nothing else. To summarize, I left with the strongest belief, "I can do this!"

Hope to see you there!