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Free EP Songs

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:36 am
by OneNineProductions
I'm looking to put out a free EP with 4 songs on it ... These are the songs I'm considering. Can You give me your feed back good or bad.. It has a few different Genres on it... and I wanted to display that I can do different things. BUt let me know which ones you like hate, and feel free to give me some advice im just looking to grow. Thanks. Here's the link. Thanks in advance.

Re: Free EP Songs

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:51 pm
by jnmorrison
Well, without even listening to your stuff I've already got a problem for you to address.

The " there are many different genres on it" and "I want to show I can do different things".

If you are pitching as an artist, and I'm assuming you are since you are putting out an EP.
Labels/Managers/Distributors don't want you to show you can do lots of stuff...they want to be able to label you quickly and easily as "rock/pop/AC/Hot-AC/Country/Metal/Nu-Metal etc etc. etc.". You need a definable, marketable sound.
And if you've got a great CD that "show's your sides" - even if it is all AAA+ material, the most seasoned trusted A&R person or whathaveyou will pass because they won't know what to do with it.

If someone has a link to the article on the taxi website about this it might be a great thing to list for reading purposes.

As a composer - it's probably good to be able to "do lots of stuff", but as an artist - that is career suicide. (I'll reference the Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines just confuses people - and even a star of that stature couldn't fight back from the backlash! it just confuses people)
That's not to say that you can't have lots of influences and flavours on your album - but YOU overall need to have a defining sound that makes you (or your band) unique.

So - I would suggest listening to all your songs and finding out what the largest common denominator in your music is - and marketing your material as that.
So let's say you are primarily Ska-Punk, but you've got a couple influences from the new pop-punk and even some surf music in there with a song or two in the country ballad style. For a first promotional EP - I might nix the country ballads - stick to all the punk stuff and call it "Surfin-Ska-Punk" or some such.
And it's a good idea to have a great descriptor ready to go, in case people ask. Stealing from Big Blue Barry, and in keeping with the punk vibe here: "Imagine if the Ventures got in a street fight with Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Ramones were the referees!" I bet you're thinking "what the heck"? But I bet you can imagine what the music sounds like!

I hope that helps!
When I get some time later today - I'll take a listen to your songs!

Rock on,

Re: Free EP Songs

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:43 pm
by OneNineProductions
Yeah I understand you but I'm trying to be put on as a Producer and song writer but I agree i still need to find my sound. ttyl

Re: Free EP Songs

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:52 pm
by sedge
Hi Tyrell!

That's quite a big ask of the folks here to listen to all your tunes and choose the best.
Could be why your not getting many replies here.

Reads to me like you don't really have that proplem and your looking for a way to introduce your tunes to the taxi forum, if so Peer2Peer is probally not the best place, look at this section as for getting help on stuff to do with a song y0ur working on. Posting a hi in the General Hangout might be best.

if you are really stuck fir a track list, a listening sesh at yours with some mates has got to be the best/fun way to do it?

For Taxi listings this peer2peer section of the forum here really comes into its own as the members here are focused on what is required here at Taxi, but expect crit here, as that is what the Peer2Peer is set up for, works in progress, seeing if a tune fits a listing etc.

all that said, I'm glad you posted dude, proper enjoyed having a listen here, you have a 'sound' - don't worry about that, just get some of these tunes sent in, see how they fly and find fun in the feedback!

Seeyou around, I'm assuming your new to Taxi, welcome to the boards,
fellow taxi member, Sedge

Re: Free EP Songs

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:20 am
by OneNineProductions
Yeah I'm new to taxi... I've let some of my friends hear it and they have some they like but they dont have an ear for mix, or have the experience that i think people here could give me.. Plus my friends will say they like everything, some because it's either thier song or they want to work with me on some stuff. I'd rather hear from some I don't know who would have an unbiased ear and say "hey 3 is crap because of so and so or just remix it but 1 and 4 I like because of such and such..." But i'll look back at the other forum you said to post to to see what what advice i could get there . Thanks. How the music scene in the UK?

Re: Free EP Songs

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:30 am
by sedge
Your in the right forum area then, your likely to get more response posting up a song at a time, say what your concerns may be if you have them, then after after while you will be able to collate the comments and see what shines out?

Music in the UK has gone down hill since the beatles split up !

jk, It's great, a lot of good open mic places popping up, which is great as many of the 'unsigned' established venues think they are too cool these days (IMO), asking musicians to pay to play etc, local councils created some 'performance act' requiring buskers to pay and have a licence, in some respect nothing changes. Us buskers will always find a free corner somewhere no mater how dusty!
Good luck with the tunes, you will enjoy Taxi if you welcome all types of feedback which sounds very much like your looking for
Cheers, Rob