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To Screener # 399; Re: Y190227RS

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:29 pm
by singer1
First, I'd like to say thanks for the feedback. We recorded that track, "Take It To Go", in the late 80's W / B. Gillis and myself, with some other heavy hitters. Never released, but one of the songs was considered for Bill & Ted's 2nd film. One was placed last year on CBS's "Young Sheldon". Probably by one of your clients that we have a catalog of material from that time period.
Your take:

"Pretty familiar sounding phrases being used in this track, "take it or leave it," "got a one track mind," "love it or leave it" etc., does not give the kind of originality or authenticity for this genre than the client is looking for."

The idea lyrically WAS to be familiar, in a macho guy kinda way - relevant to the times. Your references are chocked full of them. That's how I read it. Sorry we couldn't connect on this one. Hope to do so in the future.

Best, D.B.M.