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Critique Anonymity Unfair

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:26 am
by hitwriter
While I can certainly respect some of the reasons TAXI allows their reviewers to remain anonymous it really does myself and other TAXI members no great service to do so.Let the reviewers id be known so the member can discern for themselves whether the opinion is one that should be respected.Did it come from a well known producer? A hit songwriter? An established publisher with a winning tracK record? Or did it come from an ex label A&R staffer with an accounting degree?As a professional songwriter with Country chart success (Daron Norwood - Bad Dog No Biscuit - Giant Records) and catalog signed with major publishers in Nashville I find some of the reviews I have received absoultely clueless.(Regarding the time from my chart success in 1995 til present, I took almost 8 years off from songwriting begining in 1997 from the music business to attend to other matters)Though I have had a fair share of forwards since joining, I will no longer leave the the critique check box checked, nor will I be posting any reviews on this forum for open debate.I have other sources for opinion on my work from professionals I know by name and respect. To receive opinions from nameless individuals offering no credintials has forced me to disregard and devalue their critique... especially when some of the songs in question have actually been on hold with major recording artists and or now currently being pitched with hit music publishers.This is business filled with rejection for several reasons. Hit songwriters have their work rejected daily! The song might not fit the artist, not right for the listing or pitch, etc.. They do however understand the craft and the song itself remains polished and professional.I joined TAXI looking for new opportunities to pitch my catalog, not as a novice writer seeking opinions on my skill sets.Should you reconsider your policy and allow the reviewer to reveal their name and resume, I would be happy to submit any of my published and self published work for their review to be made public.