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Listener 198!

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 2:13 pm
by auroralenora
Listing # S070124CO, Song Title: He Is A Gentle ManThanks for the critique! I just joined, and this was submission number two for me. I LOVE getting this feedback!!!And I agree with your comments regarding my bridge, lyrically. The song could be more focused, and I need to tie in the wording "I go..." in a much more integral and solid way. Overall I am *very happy* with my 5's, 6's, and 7's! Thank you for being clear, forthright, and positive at the same time!And I agree with your comment "the CH however, sounds very repetitive in melody to the Verse, creating a linear effect in melody between V & CH..."I opted to pay someone to record this, thinking I was not good enough to do it myself, but then the demo that came back disappointed me. Although the vocals are good and the production quality is okay, the song feels flattened out. As you said, the verse and chorus blend. To me, the "oomph" is gone, and the sweeping carry-you away feel of my chorus is missing. So I am wondering if you, *or any caring soul*, could respond and give me feedback on the idea of me recording my own stuff even if my playing and vocals are not stellar. I have four young children (8 yrs and under) so to be honest the majority of my songwriting goes on in my head, not in my guitar. I am much more the writer than the musician or performer right now. And I cannot match a studio's production quality w/my Mac and Snowball mic. But... at least I can communicate the emotion of my songs and the feeling I intend for them! However I gotta wonder if this will add more of that folk/singer-songwriter feel you explained this song is leaning towards, that hurt me some in going for this more "contemporary" listing? Happily trying very hard& thankful for thoughts,Dawn