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First Critiques (songs not forwarded)

Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 2:22 am
by jeffchurchwell
Hi all,I got back my first critiques on songs that were returned for a listing (not close enough to what listing asked for). Fair enough, I knew it was a stretch. Here's the listing:Pop TAXI # S060427PRPOP/ROCK ARTISTS in the general vein of John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson, Rob Thomas, Anna Nalick, Jesse McCartney, Sheryl Crow, etc. are sought by the Director of a Producer Management Co. One of his producer/clients, who has worked with artists such as Ari Hest, Patty Griffin, and Rufus Wainwright, is seeking a new band/artist for collaboration and development. The Producer and his team of management & attorney will help shop finished demos for record, publishing, and film/TV deals. A full production studio is provided for recording. Please submit two to three songs online or per CD/cassette, include lyrics/photo/bio. All submissions will be screened and critiqued by TAXI and must be received no later than April 27, 2006. TAXI # S060427PRI submitted "Infrared" (which DID get a forward on a "Y" listing for film/tv placement - see the FORWARDS forum for details if you're interested), as well as "Plain Brown Wrapper" and "Some Of My Best Friends." On the one to ten scales, Infrared got 7s and 6s, Plain Brown got 6s and 5s, and Best Friends got 7s and 6s, with an 8 on vocals (not bad!) The screener actually said very nice things about the songs themselves, and I'm wondering whether the marks are indicative of the screener's views on the songs in and of themselves, or in the context of the listing. It's hard to tell when I contrast the scores against the remarks. Here's what the screener said about each one; you can hear them all at (View All):Infrared: Solid sounding vocal harmonies on this song that really emphasizes the chorus. Consistent sounding storyline to this lyric. Plain Brown Wrapper: Nice vocal vibrato and harmony on the hook of the song. The Plain Brown Wrapper hook is interwoven nicely in the song structurally, so the listener knows when the phrase is coming back. Some Of My Best Friends: Lyrics are easy to understand in terms of clear enunciation, as well as phrasing. "Stay secure within their cloister. Others make the world their oyster; " (clever rhyme). And the overall review was:"Jeff, Very solid folk oriented type material that definitely has potential to open a few doors, get some gigs etc. When you jump forward and start comparing styles like Jesse McCartney, John Mayer and Rob Thomas as mentioned in the listing, I'm afraid this does not fall short in terms of quality, because this is extremely well performed and written, very solid. But I believe stylistically, it is quite different sounding in terms of what the listing is looking for. Some of the stronger points in the submission were the complex, yet accessible vocal harmonies, as well as they vocal phrasing and intelligently written and intelligible lyrics. Very well constructed pieces, just not in the same vein as what the listing is describing."So, I'm thinking maybe the songs have merit, but were just in the wrong listing? Has anyone seen a pop or singer/songwriter listing recently (like before April, when I joined) where they think these songs would have had a better shot? I can't argue the return, I'm fairly certain it was warranted.Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks. This is FUN!Jeff

Re: First Critiques (songs not forwarded)

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 12:54 pm
by edteja
They have those listing periodically Jeff. There was one in March or so for singer/songwriter and there are usually some pop listings. Keep watching. And good luck.