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Is it still worth getting Dispatch?

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:24 am
by MattCurious

I'm wondering if you can help me. I've asked for a Dispatch quote a couple of times and never received one. I was thinking of phoning the US to sort it over the phone, but then I received a Dispatch email with a 5 May deadline.

This isn't meant to be snippy but with the daily emails Taxi has switched to and Dispatch deadlines a month out, I don't think I understand what the selling point is anymore.

How are Dispatch users finding it since the change? Is it worth it to access more instrumentals? Is the hit rate still high with deadlines further out and less "desperation factor" for the client?


Re: Is it still worth getting Dispatch?

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:02 am
by Danny

If you go into your settings under Membership I believe, you can see what the price of joining Dispatch would be for the rest of your membership.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I used to get my mailbox crammed with Dispatch listings. Now, just after I signed up again, The emails are few and the turnaround times are about the same as a regular listing. I don't want to sound snippy either but I don't want to be "Attacked" :D on the forum if my experiences aren't 100 percent positive.

BTW, this is just MY experience. I think Dispatch has been a cool tool to use in my past Taxi memberships through the years. I have to admit, I didn't take advantage enough then.