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Her Love Belongs to Dreams

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 7:03 am
by couchgrouch
Her Love Belongs to DreamsShe rode a red pony through April fieldsI saw her from my horse on an evening hillthe way dark water flows by smooth river stonesher black hair streamed past proud cheekbonesI rode alone that nightbouquets of stars abovethey seem to know, what this soul belowwas dreaming of and in their silent way, their night life tried to say her love belongs to dreamswe kissed in that field 'neath an Autumn treecarnivals of color watched her marry mewe rode off that night on my chestnut mareher pony pawed the ground when she left it thereand falling leaves could feelhow she enchanted methey were a sign, that I'd lose what timehad granted me cos fortunes and seasons turn, and my heart would soon learn her love belongs to dreamsnow murmuring winds...a pony's shadow by the moonsay when all is ours it fades all too soonbut it's floating dust that reflects the lightso in darkness her spirit meets my sightthen dawn comes and I awakethe day robs me of herI sit and stare, till her long black hairis but a blur I'll see her again somehow, we'll ride free...but for now her love belongs to dreams(c)2004 Robert George