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Too many places and disturbing scenes.

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 7:53 pm
by crystalray
I wanna take back to what Ive done, what Ive seen, Making you pay for what you did, what you took from meI've traveled seen many things, many faces too many disturbing scenes. But all right now, my mind is floatin on magic carpets of money. More money you can imagine. Swimming in ice and of course your mans cream...take it from me, Im more than dirty, Im ubseen, more F^ckin crazy than anything. I sit here writing history trying to define truth and fact from the mysteries, while cops are scoping out the missing, I sit in this studio soon to strut my ability to describe reality, seeing on the street everything happening, I wish it was a dream but no its F^ckin real as can be, Im voulintary to die for my homies, war isnt war unless there is victory, so when we raise our guns in harmony, lets remember our friends are like family, and if you get shot down, your timing and even -being- wasnt worthy. Should I believe that this world is out to get me? No. Even if it was, I will use my words as weapons and actually try to make thos' nigga's think, Dont critisize my work and ability- just because yo' mamma gave you everything, Im going to work for this F^ckin money, The taste of rebellion has always remained sweet, I will kiss NO ones feet. Payback is my destiny, making your life a living hell will ALWAYS be an option for me. If you think Im waisting your time, then you need to leave it be but if its worth every penny, then proceed with your plot of killing. Its all the same, words confess and we do the living. Living life through this journey, you tell me something to believe and -I- will decide if its really what it F^ckin seems.If you can make somethin of this...let me know. If you got people who are interested let me know. Alrighty?Crystal