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HELP me get partnered

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:27 pm
by TheWildManChris2000
I joined younow February 1, 2017. It is a live-streaming site, with the opportunity to make money live streaming, doing what I love best. It´s called getting partnered.

I have sung my song BABY Punch My Face, that I wrote, on that site, and people have told me I need to get it published. I have live streamed as a guest along some really hella popular live streamers who ARE partnered. I have been asked to sing BABY Punch My Face by them many times.

You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google. I am asking as many of you possible to PLEASE go to AFTER you sign in, and go to

ANd click FAN ME under my name. YOU are not obliged to pay, do, or anything else afterward. All I need is 5000 fans - I already got over 2600. Till then I have no hope of getting partnered. I got to prove to myself I am legitimate entertainment enough, and not just illegitimate amusement, asa clown, by GETTING partnered on this social media. PLEASE help me. The money I get WILL GO TOWARDS MY STEM CELLS for stroke recovery ( so I can rap LIKE I USED TO before my stroke Thanksgiving Day in 2013. I HAVE WORKED HARD for this, and I´d really appreicate a little help here.

Sincerely Hoping,
Wild Man Chris