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Breathe It Out Remix EDM Taxi Road Rally 2017

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:05 pm
by digitalrealist
During the 2017 Taxi Road Rally's open mic night, I heard the most astounding voice from our member Carly Clark. She was performing an original piece called Breathe It Out. I was captivated as soon as she opened her vocal chords.

I'm a music producer and performing artist in Atlanta, Ga. in the genre of EDM and Pop music. I had a desire to add more female vocal artists to my repertoire of remixes and originals. So, after her performance, I reached out to her and asked if she'd let me do a remix of her song. She agreed and before we even left the road rally, we'd already got the ball rolling.

It was my first Taxi Road Rally. I'd been wanting to come for a long time. I used all the advice I'd gathered from Taxi members ( you might have noticed me and my twin wearing the matching shirts that entire weekend ). I took in all the feedback and applied any changes to better my skill and talent immediately, and with the knowledge and confidence gained I was determined to leave with a collaboration in progress.

Here are my results!

Carly Clark - Breathe It Out ( Digital Realist Remix)