Old Beat 2019 MP3 Remaster

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Old Beat 2019 MP3 Remaster

Post by jaywilliams » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:32 pm

In anticipation of tonight's Lights For Liberty event (https://www.lightsforliberty.org/),
here's a 2019 MP3 Remaster of Old Beat.

This is not a political rights issue, it's an issue of common decency and human rights.

It burdens my soul as it should trouble us all - mind numbingly painful that a year later and this madness continues.

I hope you'll join me in lighting a candle this evening to honor these poor innocent children who want nothing more than what all children want - peace, love, happiness, and freedom from hunger, worry, and oppression.

Again, my sincerest thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this track.

Music by

Lyrics and Vocals by


Just the Same Old Beat

We're running for our lives
We're struggling to survive
Making our way through various stages

But soon as we arrive
Right there before our eyes
Our kids are snatched and locked in cages

Every time we get a little closer
To a place where we could breathe a little bit easier
We fall right back into a time when we didn't know better
We bring back fear in the air

What's happening here today
Is not the American way
Mistreating people arriving at our borders;

It's gonna be awful hard
The day they stand before God
Saying, "Sorry, I was just following orders."

Just the Same Old Beat
Just the Same Old Beat
Why do we dance to the same old beat?

those who know history say its due to repeat
but nows not the time to admit defeat
this worlds turning into an awful mess
now join me as I get this off my chest
we must Persist Resist raise a Fist
this shit aint over with


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