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Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2004 6:20 am
by onoffon
My name is Von Babasin and I'm the bassist in a jazz rock fusion group from Studio City called ONOFFON. We have released two self produced CDs over the last 5 years and promoted them almost exclusively over the internet. In that time, I have placed us on over 3,000 websites around the world that promote, review, stream audio and/or video, distribute, and broadcast our music, including all the major sites such as, CDBaby, The All Music Guide,, IUMA, and tons of others, with more coming every day. Please see what we're doing at our site at: In our time on, and we amassed 157,000+ plays. Our musical directions are quite varied and the reviews we've received have been overwhelming. We are consistently compared to such groups as Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spyro Gyra, Brand X, Eric Clapton, Phish, and many others who have achieved platinum levels in sales and received GRAMMY awards and nominations. We consistently chart in the top ten on the's Jazz Charts and in Feb/March 2001, our song, 'Mardi Gras', was featured at in a weekly newsletter, which launched it into the site's overall Top 40, peaking at #15, above two songs by Madonna, one by Faith Hill, and another by Dave Matthews. We were chosen as's Jazz Hot Artist Spotlight for August, 2002, as a result of winning the first ever Mp3 Idol Award. Then, in February 2004, we were featured on the front page, launching "Mardi Gras" into the #1 charting Jazz song, above Al DiMeola and Norah Jones just days before she won five Grammys. "Mardi Gras" has also charted #1s on three different Top 10 charts at We have done all of this with virtually no promotional budget and with EXTREME amounts of determination and dedication. You will NOT find an totally independent with more identity on the internet than ONOFFON - period.Contact Von Babasin for more information -Von's a sample review on our second CD, "Your Mind" - Review ... #cd14"Your Mind" - ONOFFONNFN31922review by Erica Lynn GruenbergCluttered. Weird. A smorgasbord of splendiferous sounds. Absolute perfection.I absolutely love it when I am surprised by a piece of music when I hear it for the first time. I love it even more when it takes multiple listens to even figure out what instruments are being played. Does this sound like a familiar sentiment? If so, "Your Mind" may be just what is needed to poke at, well, your mind.The very first track, fittingly entitled Your Mind starts off with a loud count-off, and then what I have come to figure out is probably someone running their hands or some sort of utility on the actual strings that are inside a piano. Stunning. Then, some screams here and there, and chanting of the words "your mind" over and over again. And then, a blast of vocals and instrumentation that honestly made my heart jump. This is a strong drug of a band.And ONOFFON are a talented bunch. Shadowglass features a flute part that gives an incredible tribal feel to an already sensuous masterpiece. Perhaps a soprano saxophone is what brings chills up and down your spine. Look no further than Mardi Gras, an instrumental tune led by Glen Garrett on saxophone. The percussion on this particular track is absolutely top-notch. It truly is the essence of the festival, as it is a portrait in melodic symmetry with Latin influence.ONOFFON indicates that Ocean's Cry would be "...a stark contrast of surrealistic hues and delicate gradiations reminding one of a dream not yet realized." Outstanding vocals and an almost Santana-esque feel that gradually builds from pretty and melodic to somewhat raging proves this to be true to light. ONOFFON is an honest, creative band that is not afraid to stand out from the norm. What a good idea...Perhaps Bebe's Song may be right up your alley. Yes, ONOFFON is not only creative, but they certainly like to make music from multiple genres and forms. A more jazzy tune, Bebe's Song is a love story of sorts that sounds like it could be performed on Broadway. Whereas Opus is a simple song featuring multiple guitar talents and even some occasional background rainstorm sounds that left this reviewer in tears.All in all, one cannot go wrong by checking out ONOFFON. In fact, I would stand to believe that letting this one slip through your fingers would be a mistake you'd learn to regret. Beautiful music does exist, and people are still making it...