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Looking for occasional collaborator

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:33 am
by BlindTruth
Hi there Taxi folk

I produce most of my tracks on my own - I'm primarily a keys player, love playing bass, got my drums programming together. I've got a small but well-equipped studio, and can produce acceptable broadcase quality work (well, I thinkso). I've collaborated on a couple of things in the last couple of years, but I'm looking to expand the network a little.

You can get a sense of the things that interest me by checking out Steven Harris on (or Steven J Harris on Soundcloud, tho it's not as up to date). There's lots of instrumentals, some songs in indie rock styles, chillwave, electronica etc, and a little foray into AC sometimes.

If you're interested in exploring a collaboration, let me know. I don't have a particular project in mind, but I respond to taxi listing regularly so there's no shortage of things to work on.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steven Harris, Australia
(which means some timezone challenges for most, but nothing that can't be overcome :)

Re: Looking for occasional collaborator

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:45 am
by funsongs
Hi, Steven Harris in Australia.
Very nice to see your name & post here on the Forums boards... I'm just stopping by to send you a "G'day, Mate!".
Are you going to be swimming over for this year's Road Rally?
Hope all's well & working for you.

Re: Looking for occasional collaborator

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:20 pm
by BlindTruth
Hi Peter

Thanks for connecting with me again. Unfortunately, I can't make the timing work with the Rally this year again. Seems crazy it is almost 2 years since we met in 2016. Hope all is well for you, too.

I still produce lots of material and submit to listings on a pretty regular basis. I feel like I'm working the kinks out of lots of aspects of my writing, performance and production, but there's still a healthy proportion of return :D

Email me with what's going in your world. Did you get you album finished?


Re: Looking for occasional collaborator

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:26 am
by quickj
Hey, Steven:

I'm a lyric writer, working with composers in the US, Italy, and Germany. Always on the lookout for new people to collaborate with.

I work both ways - lyric first or melody first.

If you're interested in exploring collaboration possibilities, shoot me an email.