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Looking for Collaboration partner specifically for TAXI listings

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:38 pm
by Shalee
Hey All,

So I wanted to jump in here and see if I could find a good fit for collaborating on TAXI.

I am a singer/songwriter with a great voice, suited ideally to singersongwriter/AC/EDM genres. I've been writing for 15 years and have developed a wide network of collaborators who I work with to release music. However, I am specifically looking to form a 50/50 partnership with someone on TAXI who has successfully had forwards/placements and wants to apply for TAXI listings every week or two (I joined TAXI three weeks ago).

What I am hoping to achieve is to develop a relationship with a producer on here who understands the importance of deadlines and of following the briefs on TAXI to the letter. I only want to target specific listings that would give us the highest odds of success, with a focus on the mainly vocal/piano or vocal/guitar listings as they are the easiest and quickest to produce. I would write the songs, sing them, send over the stems to you, and you would produce, mix and master them for the listing. Any profits developed would be split 50 50, and any returned songs would be released and I would actively promote to try and give them as much success as possible. I would also be wanting to work with this collaborator on other synch projects, where I have potentially found a placements through a relationship with a music supervisor.

I want to work with someone who is reliable, dedicated, and serious about getting forwards and doing the hard work. I am looking for someone who would have just as much to gain from having my voice and songwriting skills as I would from their production. It needs to be a 2 way beneficial street for everyone. I'll be jumping on TAXI tv each week to try and find this person. I am confident in my abilities and I would want you to be confident in yours. Music is just better when people with different strengths combine forces to create magic.

I can guarantee to you extremely fast turnarounds, skilled writing, strong vocal performance and recorded stems, and a strong understanding of song structure so as to perfectly emulate the style and vibe of the TAXI listings.

Please feel free to contact me at my email address and you can check out my latest work here:
Satellites is my latest release and I think vocally my strongest, it truly showcases my range- so would be a good place to start :)

I hope to find you, and that you find me :)


Re: Looking for Collaboration partner specifically for TAXI listings

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:28 am
by bakerstreet
Hi Shalee, I am a producer turned pro this year and very keen to work to taxi listings. I started out as a DJ in 1980 and stay pro DJ working in nightclubs across London's West End and abroad. I had planned to be a producer for some time and in 2014 decided to do a 2 year course at (a dance music college)

I understand deadlines. I suggest we try a track together to see how we get on and if you like what I do with your tracks.

Happy to work 50/50 with a nothing ventured nothing gained attitude.

I will email you my details. Thanks for reaching out.