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IK Multimedia | iRig Stomp I/O

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:20 pm
by lesmac
I like the look of this baby.
Ive got a Line 6 Pod X3 Live that they haven't supported for ages and to put your tones in the unit with Toneport custom tone you have to run an old operating system. Arghh :evil: The user interface on the X3 is too small for my ancient eyes and I have lost all my presets updating the firmware. Why did I do that? :evil:

Anyway this iRig Stomp looks and sounds the goods.

Anyone else interested in this? I haven't used Amplitude but I've heard it sounds good.

Re: IK Multimedia | iRig Stomp I/O

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:29 pm
by lesmac
I want to bump this and get some input on Amplitude. ... -stomp-i-o

All I've got for virtual guitar amps and FX is Waves GTR which is ok but I'm not in love with it.

S Gear Scuffam Amps is cool and is sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to upgrade from the demo. [Must have had that demo version for 2 years!] It sounds really good and I'll probably pay the $100 or so for the paid version.

I do like the idea of a stomp box though that can be used on the fly live in the studio and on stage. [I may play out again one day :roll: ]

iRig stomp can be used as a stomp box for FX, in preset mode for different rigs, as a loop station as an interface and midi controller. It has a mic pre etc...

Anyway if I can sell my Gibson Studio Deluxe acoustic I'll have enough to buy a new iPad and this unit. I think I'm using the forum to talk myself into a purchase :lol: .

Ive had a quick look at threads here on virtual amps, just wondered if anyone's in love with Amplitude.