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Fishman Blackstack guitar pickup?

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:33 pm
by funsongs
Howdy, acoustic guitar players...
got a favorite pick-up system?
I'm considering getting one installed in my Alvarez 12-fret.
The sound hole is a smaller diameter on this guitar than your standard dreadnought.
So far, the Fishman Blackstack reviews have impressed me most.
What say you?

Re: Fishman Blackstack guitar pickup?

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:29 pm
by lesmac
Hi Peter,

Ive got 2 dreadnought cutaways with fisherman prefix blender pickups installed.
I don't think I'll ever buy another acoustic with a chunk cut out to house a pick up. [Not that that is what you are doing].

I took a photo of Molly Tuttle's preamp in Melbourne Australia recently at an Americana concert.

She uses an Audio Sprockets ToneDexter preamp and a K and K piezo. [ I googled her pick up after seeing your post.]

The Kand K's aren't that expensive and the ToneDexter looks like a pretty flexible bit of gear. $400 at Sweetwater.

Could be worth a look...

Re: Fishman Blackstack guitar pickup?

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:55 pm
by mojobone
I've been using the Baggs Double Barrel system for a couple decades, now, It's an under-saddle piezo paired with an internal omni mic. Mono out is 25% mic, but with a stereo cable, I can control the mic/pickup balance. There are no onboard controls, but my Zoom A3 has dual inputs, 3 band EQ, boost and a feedback killer.